I don’t like being a human
I don’t know what suppose I’m to be
You and others just hate me so much then everything
Must I have to be exists in this world?

I can’t blaming you to all my faults
Please go away! I cannot sorry, even to my self
This monster had carried me to the dark side of my self
Nothing can I do, nothing can I do to stop all this things, nothing!

You can spend your life without worrying anything again
It just passed away, I just passed away
From your life, from you all
Please do as your self

If there’s anyone who ask me, although it never happen
Just tell him, I cannot be a man in this world
Now he died! Lost in his own life as monster!
And I don’t know what is this feeling, I’m just glad

In arrow with the close of the sun
There I am, gaze at thoughtfully
Just walk, and walk, to the end of my life
Waiting you, the dead of my life

By : Akbar Fauzan [14/04/2011]


Akbar Fauzan

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