Language Learning

In earlier post, I have posted about the Principle of Teaching Learning which talked about the teaching as the optimization medium in improving student’s quality and learning as the process of the human to be a human.

In this article I would like to post about the Language Learning especially English Language as the international language.

The purpose of the language is to provide the people to communicate to others people. It means that language is becomes a tool that connect to others people as a communication. Language is a human need which necessary as a media in interaction among people. Because of that, in Language learning students should be participated actively. In others words, it should involve experiencing. The students need practice and experience the use of the language in a range of situations. Because Language Learning should involves experience to the students, so it should cover cultural issues, emotions, social, and all aspects of life.

There are three principles that suitable with Language Learning, they are:

I hear, I forget

I see, I remember

I do, I understand

As the purpose of the language itself, the language as the communication tool so it is related to the speaking ability as the function of the language. The process of speaking is described as Penner (1984) stated that the oral or written communication processes are included:

1)    The communication source;
2)    The message;
3)    The encoder (encoding is done through language expression);
4)    The channel or medium;
5)    The decoder (used by the receiver to understand the message); and
6)    The person who receives the communication.

English as one of the acknowledge language around the world is something that should be mastered now a days. The complexity of English is one of the problems that struggle the students in learning English especially for the Second Language Learner. In order to master English, the students considering these elements in order to make it use effectively:

⦁    Speaking Ability;
⦁    Reading Ability;
⦁    Writing Ability; and
⦁    Listening Ability.


Akbar Fauzan

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