Do you notice something?
That this scenario has been being played over and over
Till now, until we breath right now
Do you notice?!

Do you notice if you and i was just played
By him? Or by her? Or maybe by them?
This sadness was flowed for along time
Could you? Could you notice?


Can you feel it?
This feeling was hurt me for thousand mile you walked
Can you feel it? This tear? Be drown out the blood?
Please tell me! If you could! But…. i know you can’t

 Now the sun rises at the night
Try to warm us who suffer because of your greedy
Try to make us be better
Although, it impossible to make it right

Now, close your eyes, it won’t happen again
Never ever again
I promise you
Take a bed, and sleep well forever

Created by: Akbar Fauzan

Akbar Fauzan

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