At the previous post, I have already mentions about The Principle of Teaching Learning which talked about the principle of teaching (if you are interested about this post just click here), and Language Learning (if you are interested about this post just click here). This post would be talked about THE OBLIGATION OR A MUST FOR THE TEACHER BEFORE TEACHING.
Teaching is a process of giving information to the students from the teachers. The information must be true and shouldn't be fabricated. It means that the Teacher should responsible to the informations or knowledges which given to their students. Teaching also has a meaning to facilitate the students. Because teaching also means facilitating the learning process, there are some important factors that a teacher should prepare.

1. Master the teaching material (the Content)

Like I said before that the teacher should be responsible for the content of teaching. He / she must be 100% sure about what they are talking about and follow by the explanation that should be given to the students. In term of English teaching, the teacher must master every part of the material, or English skills (Grammar, Speech, etc) in order to prove their credibility on teaching, and also to make sure that the students have the right information.

2. Know how learning can best take place

The very principle that the teacher must covers: why do the students need to learn it? who are the students? what are the teaching points and steps to cover? When can they learn the lesson? How can they learn the lesson effectively?

3. Know how to measure learning achievement

This is an evaluation part. Every learning process should be ended by an evaluation to measure the students ability and to make sure what are steps that the teacher should takes in order to teach their students. There are three aspects involved in the evaluation:

a.    Have your students learned all the things expected in your plan?
b.    Is your plan or way of teaching effective?
c.    Have you as teacher played the required roles?

That's all that the teacher should pay attention. Considering the Elements of teaching, this Obligation should be covered by the teacher to make the teaching learning successful and effective.

Thank You.

Akbar Fauzan

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